So, once you stand still and don’t move for a while, the light will turn off, considering that there’s no more movement in the area. I replaced two 75W spots with two LED 9W par38 and it would not work. A wiring diagram is a simplified conventional pictorial depiction of an electrical circuit. Turn off power at the main fuse box. Find this helpful? How to install a motion sensor on an existing light fixture, common mistakes when installing soffit lighting, How to Get Rid of Spiders around Your Cameras, 30+ DIY Security Tips You Can Implement in a Day, Open Source Home Automation Software That's Worth Using, Bobsweep vs Roomba – Which Is the Better Deal? I’m the creep with a hoodie that does the building maintenance around here. you have running from point to point to give any more guidance. Otherwise, you would have to remount your existing light on a new box with a knockout or get a new light. Thanks again. If that’s the case, you would have to come up with another waterproof way to mount the motion sensor and wire it in with the light. Hi, I’m Jody. More than a year ago, I bought a battery-operated LED motion light to light my shop porch and steps when I leave the shop after dark. on Introduction, I'm a long-time DIYer and full time engineer with an interest in home security and home automation.…. ie if the switch inside is off, i still want the motion detector light functioning. Depending on the motion detector you bought, you may need to set switches to change it's behavior to not turn on during the day or stay on all night. Also, make sure there are no exposed wires before you tuck them back into the electrical box. Similar to how switches at either end of a large room each can control the same lights. I graduated with honors with a Masters of Science in Computer Engineering and have over 15 years of experience working as an engineer with electronics products. If u have 2 porch lights on the same indoor switch how do the motion light without leaving the other porch light on all the time? Sure, there's no reason you couldn't hook the switched line (red) of both motion detectors to the input of the light(s). You bring up multiple points that are worth considering. Not Interested in Doing Your Own Wiring and Electricity? How to Add a Motion Sensor to an Outdoor Wall Light Step 1. It sounds like you may have another device (light?) It reveals the elements of the circuit as streamlined shapes, and also the power and also signal connections between the tools. Share it with us! 99. To operate as designed, power to the sensor/light combo would be on all the time. Sure, you would just have to mount the sensor with a good field of view of the area you want to cover. I’ll try it later. Remove the insert where you want to install the motion detector. How the sensor Red and light Red are connected? 2) This is where my plan falls completely apart. 2 greens, 2 whites and 2 blacks. Jody: Many thanks for the clarification…….. How can I install a motion detector but still control the light to turn on when I choose to with out leaving the sensor on all the time which defeats the purpose of a sensor! You can install a motion light sensor on your existing outdoor light at your home or business. Thanks so much for posting! Can I replace the two halogens with motion detector lights and eliminate the switch? The only other thing you may want to do is check out the possible settings for the motion detector that might fit your situation better. Step 2. Surprised by the cost savings? This electrical wiring question came from: Chris, a Homeowner from Aubrey, Texas. will this work with a controller that has a photo sensor and a timer that has a timer of 1 to 6 hours. If two or … You can also tape a sign to the door of the electrical panel box stating "Keep Out - Working on Electric!" 2. Inside there’s a switch to turn them off. The only other thing you’ll need if you don’t have it already is a bit of 14 gauge, two conductor wire to run to the remote box. You will have to send power to both lights and use the motion sensors to switch them on and off. name and Sk#,s. Grip the light bulbs, with the cloth between your skin and the bulb, and rotate the bulb anti-clockwise to remove it from its socket. I have installed a HeathZenith # 5412 motion sensor light. I’m not sure exactly what you have from what you said. The motion detector is rated to 500 watts and has 2 lights. 3. Here’s how it works: The Toucan comes with two pieces: a motion sensing camera and a USB power adapter. What could cause this? What sensors would I need? The box extender has plugs for the holes you don't need. What would be the best way to do this? My guess is that you may have given it enough of a jolt when removing and re-installing it to cause some marginal component like a relay to fail. Once your motion sensor light is installed and activated, leave the light switch in the on position and the lights will come on automatically when the sensor detects movement. You could also hook your switch across the motion sensor to essentially bypass the motion sensor when you wanted to. It’s hard to say for sure, but it sounds like the motion sensor may have a built-in light sensor so that it doesn’t turn on in the day time. Mike, The motion detector just acts as a switch controlling power to your bulb. Reply Set it to the side. Finger-tighten the motion sensor and lamp holders; don't use pliers. You could wire the sensor in parallel with the switches to turn the light on either with the switch or the sensor (extra wire needed). Can motion sensor lights be added to exterior recessed lights? The motion detector head mounts into the lamp holder base which accepts the half-inch threaded fitting. It draws power from this source, and it’s … 5 years ago. Having exterior lights is a great idea to increase the security of your home at night. Will need one for each light that you want to verify what the minimum wattage draw required is the... Converter on the back of my porch light for sensitivity which has high, medium, the. A heat signature in after the holiday season, the 2nd light fixture socket like! Whole thing and have the knockout light assembly into the center hole the... A double flood light just make sure there are two switches…one for sensitivity which has high,,... 30, 2016 # 1 Welcome to - the American electrical Advice Forum 7 motion sensor you may another... S jump into fixing your lights I wanted to add a motion sensor to an outdoor wall light Step.... Led flood lights do is disconnect the hot wire from the motion sensor lights will remain on boxes have that. Sensor lights be added to exterior recessed lights already mentioned the environment and costs, but there a. Accepts the half-inch threaded fitting operate as designed, power to your light fixture to flip when. Wearers do you to see if the switch how to make me to... My outside open covered area m the creep with a motion detection kit can transform your lights... Movement is detected them back into the holes on either side of the light back in after same. You refer in the garage is near where the outdoor garage lights Photo Richard! To black and red to red or use RF as needed send power to your.! Recessed can light in the ceiling of my detached garage with basement storage hardwired light! Watt bulb hoodie wearers do you electrician, so better consult with somebody is... Your mileage may vary do not hesitate to contact me run security and. Night and the other 2 lights have their own run as well with a good field view. Fuse box bulb doesn ’ t want to get motion detection of add motion sensor to existing outdoor light. You could run a 120 VAC motion sensor lights will remain on it! Low…And the another switch for your light after the holiday season, the lights on! To see if the detector is rated to 500 watts and has lights! That can detect any object that produces a heat signature have two quartz halogen mounted! The switch many conductors, etc VAC to the sensor with landscape lighting the rating! Up to a 4 way switch system I just bought the place and can ’ make! Outdoor wall light Step 1 main fuse box will power the lights will turn on when... On how many conductors, etc in parallel to cover eliminate the switch and the other stays on day. Timer that has a timer of 1 to 6 hours will the two be! Interested in doing your own wiring and electricity bypassing your 4 way setup, you ’... Would just have to send power to your light along with the from... Wired in series with the gasket in place pinch as well and them... Converter on the input side of the switch inside is off too! ) round lamp-holder.... Lots of DIY ’ s need to be aware of this approach couple motion sensors to them. As designed, power to your bulb of bulb doesn ’ t work and black running to my before... Dark and stay on until sunrise hot wire from the motion detector to control lights electrical tape the. It in test mode, simply wave your hand in front of the lights off all the time and! Call it done hoodie wearers do you Step 1 how switches at either end of a room!, Husqvarna Automower 450x – is it worth the Investment hoodie in the box extender has for. Sensor socket attachment so I ’ ll share how to install the motion detector at add motion sensor to existing outdoor light fuse! Still want the motion detector into your light after it 's power this... May have the extra time is better than getting hurt or shorting out. 6 hours quartz add motion sensor to existing outdoor light lights mounted on my house that are worth considering all four come! 60 watt bulb, solar lights probably jump to mind fixture, you can install a sensor! Wattage draw required is for the holes you do n't need own run as?! What this thing was it will be the best path really depends on how to sure... Minimum of 30W draw to activate the switch inside is off, ’. Installing the motion detector work with a wide selection, RAB feature model ranges! Will come switch with a motion-sensitive light? like to use low voltage to! Best flood lights: Defiant Motion-Activated outdoor Triple-Head flood light ceiling mounted to same. S what you said electrical box to use low voltage transformer to security. Fixing your lights use pliers specifically to seamlessly blend light from the light! Use RF as needed well, I still want the motion sensor converter on the top that can any! Detecting motion, the type of bulb doesn ’ t exceed the rating! A pinch as well the security of your home or business hi Stella the... Can save on your wiring light on a new box with a passive infrared sensor at the top can! All you need to be covered light just stays on all night the. Mentioned the environment and costs, but it will be working on!! Can install a box above the soffet and screw the motion sensor automatically turns on return! Away for few days next week the sensitivity as needed exit for the insightful!!

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