Amber is good for snow, dust, and fog; white for general driving. Just got my go I rack in and am thinking of doing this same light setup. Cross Bars for 2010-2012 SR5 and Limited Toyota 4Runner Roof Rack And here is another way to find what you are looking for: Visit this Toyota parts page . If you don’t do it now you will forget later. In addition, the static load capacity easily … Reconnect the positive terminal for your car battery, and let there be light! In this instance, I ran a light green 12V constant draw wire (to power the switch), a black ground (to keep from having to find chassis to ground to in the cab), and a light blue trigger wire through the firewall. Using Heat Shrink – Be sure to slide some appropriately sized heat shrink tubing over one of the wires that you are soldering together, solder the wires, then slide the heat shrink over after cooling and shrink the tubing with the heat gun to protect yourself from electric shock and to keep the circuit from shorting. 4Runner Tested and industry proven scrubbing technology. Use coupon code "TRAIL4R10" and save 10% on windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade. There are many great brands out there for lighting, just research carefully, go with an established brand, and beware bargain basement buys on ebay or amazon. To circumvent both of the problems, I tested several gauges of wire in the black rain gutters on both sides of the windshield and found that a black 12ga wire squeezes in on top of the gutter nicely, and will be well hidden by virtue of being black (you will see pics of this in a second). Rack Style: Basket Style Rack with Tubular Steel Frame/Rails and Expanded Steel Base Rack Length: Full Drill/No Drill: No Drill Design Weight: 70 lbs. Mounting an LED light bar on your roof has a few benefits. Compatible with most roof rack brands. Cali Raised 4Runner Low Profile LED Ditch Light Bracket Only. It will be sitting in the elements on your roof. Maxtrax and ARB Tred Pro Compatible* Oct 1, 2020 - Mount a vehicle recovery board onto the side of a GOBI roof rack, no drilling required. It is very much a Busch League maneuver to turn your blinding trail lights on while on a drive around town, showing them off. Different light patterns exist for lights. Where did you find the switches for center console? Please read all instructions that come with your equipment and accept those terms. If you have any questions or comments, please... comment ahead. No matter whether you choose four lights or just one light bar, you will be left with the crucial question: “How the hell do I get this to the battery and get the switch in the cab?”. You also get a leg up on vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, and more. GOBI VINYL DECAL Clearance Height From Vehicle Top to Rack Top = 6.5" Lights Sold Separately - VISIT LIGHTING PAGE I have several lights and instead of dealing with the clutter under the hood I wired mine to a Bussman RTMR. Join Date: Dec 2017. For my build (2013 MGM 4Runner Trail), I chose to go with 4 Rigid 6” E-Series Combo Spot/Floods, marrying new technology with the traditional 4×4 look. Epoxy undercoat and black powder coat finish. Below you can see one of the 4 Rigid Industries 6” E-Series Spot/Flood Combo lights that I am putting on the truck. This required bracket modification to bring the lights down a bit. While the classic look of four big halogen lamps mounted atop an insanely lifted rig still appears in our minds, technology has caught up with many 5th Gen 4Runner owners and off-road enthusiasts, alike. Now place the wires back in, pull the slack tight in the engine bay, and run over the 12ga wires with the screen tool once. This will allow you to try and sneak things in around the shark fin for the satellite radio, to drill your roof and run things down the A-frame. GET PAID FOR WRITING A 4RUNNER PRODUCT REVIEW OR STEP BY STEP INSTALL, Can you explain what mods you had to do to the brackets? 4 Rigid Industries 6” E-Series Spot/Flood Combo lights Mounted on Gobi Stealth Rack. C4 Fab 4Runner Hood Scoop LED Light Mounting Bracket 2003-2009. ), and turned on the switch to make sure they worked. Do this for every solder in this post. 100a, 150a, or 250a? In general, spot patterns are long and narrow, flood patterns are shorter and wider, driving patterns are similar to flood but wider still, and diffused patterns are very wide and less intense. 99. Make sure you have a fuse in the relay, make sure all of your soldered connections have been covered with heat shrink and insulated. 4Runner Kits; Light Bars; SS2 Series; SS3 Series; Extreme LED. Great article and love the clean install! You will also solder the all negative wires to a single black 12ga, just remember which one is which. Thanks! GOBI Stealth Racks allow you to fit your vehicle in the garage and through the car wash. The higher up the light bar is, the less pronounced shadows become. Mounted Distribution Module with Bussman, Circuit Breaker, Negative Bus and Bracket, Get your trigger wire and power to your switch. 99. What amperage negative bus bar did you go with? I'd like to see pictures of different ideas on how to install them, what brands, or whether I should go with a 40" Bar and end the problem there. LED Light Bars. $54.99. Cali Raised 4Runner OEM LED Light Bar Switch. Local Pickup. This is great. 4.5 out of 5 stars 719. I have already purchased 2 OPT7 8" lights which I had in behind the grill and that I just removed to try to install on the sides, if successful My plan is to order a 14" for the centre and have 3 lights up there. GOBI Toyota 4Runner 5th Generation Stealth Rack includes: x2 removable cross bars, wind deflector, rear ladder, and logo decal. I chose to run mine to the engine bay to give it a proper ground. LEDs have to be selected carefully, as shoddy construction can allow moisture into the housing, creating a nearly worthless paperweight in no time. Pure 4Runner : Gobi - 4Runner, Hilux, Surf, Fortuner. Dimensions: 88” L x 45” W x 4.5” H (to the highest point) Lead Time: 12-16 Weeks (Per Gobi Website) Our rack showed up around week 20. Maxtrax and ARB Tred Pro Compatible* .. In all seriousness, please purchase a name brand LED lighting kit from a reputable source that will back their products. Article from Shop by category. Toyota 4Runner 5G Roof Rack and Light Bar Installed. Stealth Rack - Light Bar Setup The GOBI Stealth Rack is the low profile answer to your roof rack needs. 21 watching . Not wired Yet but Finally managed to get it installed they way I wanted it, and with no wind noise. COMPATIBLE WITH 2020 TRD PRO 4RUNNER FACTORY RACK. safe load limit, the GOBI Adjustable Cross Bar can hold all your outdoor needs. With your light bar mounted up high, you need to aim it down to put the light on the trail. Important: Due to high demand all Gobi products are now back ordered and will ship direct from Gobi as soon as they are ..,, Accessories, Gear, Off-Road, Trail Tested,, Top OEM Cargo Area Accessories for the 5th Gen 4Runner, DIY Sleeping Platform + Storage Divider System for Toyota 4Runner, Heated Sequential Turn Signal Mirrors With LED Indicators on Glass for Toyota 4Runner, Waterproof heat shrink tubing (with sealant), Appropriately Fused Relay (in this demonstration I will use the Bussman), Screen tool (like for fixing a screen door), Prepare your 4Runner, Rigid Industries E-Series lights, Relay, and Wiring Harnesses, White – trigger for light bar (wired at the same time, ignore for this post). Not per specs, but that extreme white light on the PIAA's are very bright. This install chops up the wiring harnesses pretty badly, so you really don’t want to flip the switch in the cab just to see one of them isn’t working right at the end of the install. You accept the responsibility of this install, I do not. So the issue with running wires along the rain gutters of the windshield is that removing the gutters and placing the wires underneath can fracture the plastic and/or cause leaks, whereas placing the smaller wire(s) that come with your lights on top of the gutter can be unwieldy (if you have 4 wires that is 4 bright red positive wires and 4 black negative wires) and apparent (red wires sitting in the gutter will be seen from a mile away). Likewise, many ill constructed housings fall victim to early breakage from rocks, limbs, or trail debris if they are being used as they are truly intended. We will never spam your inbox or sell your data. Mounts to rear door. I've been looking around to find ideas on how to mount lights to my Gobi roof rack, I requested Gobi to leave 3 openings with the idea of installing 3 LED bars but the bent on the sides has made it very difficult to do. $69.55. 0 Cart $0.00. Member . Getting shocked with direct current from a car battery is not fun. Maxtrax Brackets (Ranger) - Toyota 4Runner | GOBI Racks. I am not an electrician, I am a 4Runner enthusiast and a do-it-yourselfer. $110.50. Add the Adustable Cross Bar to Toyota 4Runner Gobi racks to facilitate load carriers or other large items. Our strong, steel 4Runner ladder made specifically for your 5th Gen 4Runner. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. These were all soldered together. Gobi Adjustable Cross Bar Fits Toyota 4Runner Gobi racks. Our newsletter is pretty much the best thing you'll ever read! Gobi Adjustable Cross Bar Fits Toyota 4Runner Gobi racks. All wires are in a flexible loom and are run down drivers side gap in front windshield. With a 165lbs. For all of them, I plugged in the wiring harness, connected them to the battery directly (carefully! The latest in new 4Runner parts, products and gear. Whether you are installing lights on a Gobi Roof Rack or Baja Roof Rack, you need to select your lighting carefully. The low-profile GOBI Adjustable Cross Bar is one of the most commonly used accessories on and off the road. I knew I wouldn’t be adding a light and didn’t like … You can still get high-quality LEDs from Amazon, just beware of the no-name brands that are manufactured in China. I found that the green wire on the party mode button was the backlight power (so the switch will come on at night). Lighting is one of the most important installs you can perform on your rack. It is dangerous for oncoming traffic, illegal, and incredibly annoying. Take a rag and wipe off any excess silicone. If you are going to run many lights on your rig, the Bussman has worked awesome for me, and Shrockworks (no affiliation) sells it pre-wired with 5 switches and 5 constant draws. FREE Shipping by Amazon. @Gun.Rnr – GOBI Racks Stealth Multi-light Set Up + Sunroof Option. Stealth Roof Rack for Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen with 40” LED Light bar Set Up – by GOBI ***LEAD TIME FOR THIS PRODUCT IS 12-16 WEEKS*** The ultimate Stealth Roof Rack is one of the best options in the market for your Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen (2009 - Present).