initially I used to use carol white though am a light person, have used this for so many years but I tried to change cream to Nano mixed with oils, it function well at first but after 5 weeks I noticed some black spots in form of pimples on some parts of my body not even only my face then I stopped using the Nano thinking something is wrong… I bought beauty express but works slowly cos am now becoming black, subsequently I noticed another skin infection on my body like rashes… I was advised to stopped every cream am using which I did and start to treat damages the former creams has caused… the pimples all over my body is leaving gradually but am becoming black and dark daily cos I don't use any cream again….PLEASE ADVICE ME ON THE CREAM TO USE AGAIN THAT WONT CAUSE INFECTION ON MY SKIN, BY THE WAY I DON'T WANNA GO BACK TO CAROL WHITE COS AM TIRED OF IT, IT DOESN'T WANT ME TO USE ANOTHER CREAM, IT'S LIKE IT HAS MASTER MY SKIN AND I DON'T LIKE THAT IDEA. Fair & Brite Lightening Cream. Pls can I use bio oil during the day? Pls upload a pic of it so i can be sure. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. I’m naturally light brown to fair, but had a bad spate with “organic cosmetics” . Hi, Am fair I use q7 gold carrot works. its been almost two years now and i still have an uneven facial tone. Great Blog.. And the next step, after using the QEI with almond oil for about 3 months should be the QEI with Shea Butter, this optional as those creams are pretty hard to get). 1. Use any of the above creams, when you reach your desired tone you can step down on usage. if it's possible copy out its ingredients so that I can check, use one,When you get lighter, and find out you're no more making progress commence with your mixing, yes, it will, stopping funbacta, has no side except that your pimples will be on top of the world, makari will do the job well, however if you're on a budget try carrotte whitening serum, did you at any time change your soap? Caro White Body LotionThis is the lotion version, as you know by now lotions are good for naturally fair people. Hi lizzy can I use Caro white with q7 carrotte serum? Hi, i used funbact-a for severe pimples outbreak, it worked initially but gave me burns on either side of my face and it made my facial colour uneven. What cream can i use to clear the patches(discoloration) and still maintain an even skin tone. Please what do think about WHITE EXPRESS? Now using QEI+ OR but still having dark knuckles and feet , and my complexion doesn’t look so clean. Please can you please recommend a good face cream, that will lighten me, Please am very dark and I also have a stubborn skin. With this Tonner you don’t need to apply lots of creams, just use whatever cream that gets your desired skin color, then use this toner to maintain it. Hi Lizzy. But, I noticed it gives me very obvious green veins all over my arms and on other part of my body and this makes me uncomfortable as I feel my skin is so soft now.I later started using Perfect white but it causes me ezyema I had to go back to diva and that caused me a stretch mark by my shoulder. These cookies do not store any personal information. pls I need a body lotion that will lighten me 2-3 shades lighter and not cause breakouts or enhance my stretch marks cos I already have little. Would fair and brite lotion work within three weeks for me? However, Temitayo Alabi, a bleaching-cream user, told newsmen that she started using the bleaching cream when she was 18. According to the reviews, this is the best lightening cream … What body cream and face cream (including body and face wash) can u recommend for me? Thank you for the cream advice. Please please reply.. View Offer Konga  Carrotte Whitening Serum N2750. I don’t want a bleaching cream oo. People who were fair before but due conditions they lost their color. Read  7 Best Over The Counter Creams And Oils  To Get Rid of Stretch MarksRead too top amazing Craiglist Tampa Forums. The Active Bamboo® Anti-aging Whitening Cream is good for the whole body, face, arms, neck, knees, underarms, armpits, black skin, men, and sensitive areas. hello i am dark in complexion and i want to become very fair. x, Hi dear, I'm dark skinned but not too dark cos I've tinned a little but with mixed creams. RESERVE Your SLOT We will select three Nigerian cities from a survey after you all have reserved your slot. View offer on Konga Original Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream. How can I buy them. I'm terribly sun burnt, I need to lighten my skin, which one of these should I use. 3. Here are 7 best bleaching creams you can use to achieve great results: 1. Carrot Glow Intense Toning Beauty MilkIt is one thing to spend lots of Nairas on bleaching creams and then get your desired skin tone, it is another thing to maintain that color, because leaving that cream will eventually bring you back to square one, continuous use it might over whiten you, or at worst damage your skin, here is where this Skin toner comes. I have been a regular user of Caro white with it saop & tube. The Vasanti® Brighten Up Moisturizer is proof that you can achieve great lightening results without the use of harsh chemicals. I am dark in complexion,am currently using Balea cream and it's not working, i wanna be like 3-4 shades lighter but don't wanna bleach,just enhance the color of my skin, I have my eyes of qei and makari lotion, which of then do you recommend for me? I once used cars white, but I stopped it because it causes tan to my palm nd my skin. View Offer N7000QEI Privilege Toning Body Milk, View offer N3500Oriental with Argan Oil Soap. Please I want to know, if carrotte whitening serum.Doe's it gives green vains on the body? I have an oily face with little pimples but my skin is a bit dry. It is very easy to use. A recent World Health Organisation report has revealed that Nigerian women are the biggest users of skin-lightening products. yea there is, for every good and high selling product there is always a counterfeit of it. Plz help!!! Dove Pro-Age Body Cream price in Nigeria. Brown could you pls be specific, so I that I'll know what to recommend. This comment has been removed by the author. Gennie. courtesy of AIM and major cream retailers in the UK and Africa, I will be there live. 4. Please have you heard of Dh7 organic? Have you used Makari on any of your client, I want to lighten my body 3/4 shades lighter, I've tried many creams but I haven't seen any results which cream would you recommend? The Nella® Magical Whitening Lotion is great for dark people looking for quick bleaching results. I am using Q7 Dr one of #5000 and I need an oil for it … Because I don’t tink it working the way I want it to ? I don't want to be light skinned completely, i just want to maintain an even skin tone. In fact, it is always safer to use products from reputable companies that have been in the business of cosmetics for a very long time. Your skin will be tested and cream recommendations will be given to you, you can buy original creams on the spot or buy later. Hi Lizzy, i m fair and i have been using caro white but because of pimples i change to Jergens carrot and now am getting dark and some burns on my face, i want to go back to caro white or i should contineu. There is no side effect if you balance it, use it until you get lighter then gradually WITHDRAW from using it much, just sparingly. Here is an advice though being fair won't stop the abuse, it will likely increase it, since you care very much about what your friends say, I say you be yourself. 2500- 3000 Naira. my quest liz is does the carrot one gv yellow tone a s well. I just had a baby,can I start wit carp white and switch to carrot glow,cos I just had a baby and my complexion is dark me.what do u suggest?or should I go direct to carrot glow .thnks.u are doing a great job here. Thanks Lizzy, At d moment I use all dis mixed cream bt I want to stop it cos I hv dark knuckles both on my hand nd leg. ok try Caro white. Yet, there is an increasingly genuine dependence … well if you want a lighter skin then that means that means that you wanna bleach it.. no cream will make you 2shades lighter without bleaching it lol, and most creams lieyou need to really get a good one.I read about QEI And Q7 CARROTTE and FUNBACT A and bought them off this site and so far they haven't worked.spent like 350 dollars and I bought like a month ago . I'm worried because the close of most serum I've seen is clear/white. is it a good cream for bleaching? Skin bleaching in Nigeria…It is testing that Nigeria is right now confronting a pandemic of medication misuse and inadmissible rates of suicide. This is really important. Hi Lizzy,nice job but you did not talk about using sunscreen during the day while using this bleaching product to avoid sunburn.please does serum have any side effect?I need a lightening cream contains sunscreen cos i am naturally fair, i just need a lightening cream to enhance my fairness and make my skin smooth that does not contain any harmful chemicals. On Jumia. BTW, dis carrot serum u talking about, I think there alot of them in d market with same name. Hello liz,been using qei carrot,the serum n d bar soap,its been fan that my friends envy my complexion,but recently I got dark (work stress i guess)and saw ur blog got the Q7 carrotte Gold whitening serum today to brighten my skin b4 returning to my cream.What do u think? This product is fast-acting but not harmful. dis my contact 08054198032, hi sm chocolate skin colour and have acne and dark spots ,which o the qei can i use,i jst want to tone my skin, Hi Lizzy I'm not to fair person but desire to have a glowing skin, I use excess beauty lotion it works well for me but when am expose to sun even if it's less then an hour I turn dark. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Studies have shown that Kojic acid is effective in inhibiting melanin production but this is also an unstable ingredient in without the right cosmetic formulation. Please help me and recommend a body lotion or cream and soap that I can use to help me get back that glowing skin.. offers a 4oz. E-6 is making me look white. The best choice of Kojic natural skin whitening cream would be BioRadiance Botanical Brightening Treatment. Good site lizzy. Please what can I use to clear stretchmarks on my body. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Skin bleaching in Nigeria: The current obsession of Nigerians. Lizzy pls does fairness white cream bleach,I am slightly light and I don’t want to bleach in such that I begin to notice green veins,red skin black knuckles etc…fairness white cream is hydroquione free though but it contains gigawhite,trimoist,titaniumdioxe,niacinamide and butyrospermum parkii. What would u suggest? Nor do they manufacture an extra large size of the body lotion, so it is fake. Thanks. Skin bleaching has grown so much that it has become a multi billion Naira industry worldwide. Hi Lizzy, I am a light skin person. Right now I use idole papaya soap and nivea extra white protect and repair cream. My name is Sofia. Thanks. I just love how you do your best to answer any question.what's the direction of use for the Q7. I'm dark and a health fast beaching cream plz help me, Makari or others with the same ingredient will take care of that, I've heard but am yet to test it, so can't say much except on face value it seems a nice cream, Lizzy I need to speak with you on phone I have my cosmetic store and I need more lights from you, go all carol ditch the Claire and try caro white cream, Hi lizzy, i m light bt i v knuckles n darker hands and the only thing that has worked to lighten me more was perfect herbals but i got scared cos m nt sure of d ingredients and v heard so many negative reviews. pls what can i use, Get a gluthatione soap and then a qei+ with carrot oil lotion together with a gluthatione serum.. BABY SKIN-BLEACHING IN NIGERIA; WHAT TO DO ... Before you begin to complain that the baby lotion, body wash or baby cream you use is turning your baby’s skin dark, try to first of all understand that the skin needs to adjust to our harsh weather. i dnt know what to use for a month now i hvnt used any cream. Hello. Types: Lightening Cream 275 Serums 37 Body Milk 17 Facial Cream 10 Skin Toners 8 Spots Removal 5 Anti Wrinkle Creams 5 Facial Masks 4 Skin Oils 4 Sunscreens 3 glutathione 275 whitening 205 gluta white 35 gluta c 27 kojic acid 17 injection 12 capsule 10 gluta prime 10 prime 10 gold 9 Lotus Herbals Skin Whitening And Brightening Gel Crème. Hmm even in 2017 people are still commenting, oya lemme comment too. Beauty they say begins from within. Talking about dedicated acne cream, the best in Nigeria and one of the best in the word is Funbact A Triple Action Cream This cream is very powerful, you only need to wash your face with warm water to open the pores then apply Funbact in the morning and night. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 8. Which one do u recommend will suit QEI privilege or hermon in. I want to whiten my skin but almost every creams and lotions that I've used leaves my hands and feet with dark knuckles and hyper pigmentation. Bid urgent advice pls. A Lagos-based dermatologist, Dr Olayinka Adeyemi, on Wednesday warned people against applying body creams capable of causing skin bleaching. Thanks. If you are fair use any original cream that contains hydro, then use original coconut oil for the bumps, Beware of scams, pls do your due diligence. One of these reasons is the case of hyperpigmentation, which, put simply, is a condition where a person’s skin is darker in some spots and lighter in others. Mix the qei+ with carrot oil with gluthatione serum.. You will get an amazing color. Hello please I'm dark skinned and I want to go a shade or two lighter. It is a mild whitening cream that works by first hydrating your epidermis and then softly diluting your melanin pigment for a clearer, and brighter skin. Please your advice would be greatly appreciated. If your budget allows it go for Makari Beauty Whitening Milk. I want this to hold and it can only hold in Nigeria if the expected number of people are met, otherwise the clinic may go to another African country. Thanks bae, I'm also in south Africa but can't find a good cream to use. hi, please i need you to recommend a soap and cream that can turn dark person to glowing chocolate color. … The cream also helps fight body odour by eliminating bad skin bacteria. 7 Best Over The Counter Creams And Oils  To Get Rid of Stretch Marks, 8 Best Bleaching And Lightening Creams For Black And Fair Skins, Top Nigerian Android Smartphones Worth Buying In 2015, DSTV Nigeria Bouquets Packages And Channel List, Top Alleged Illuminati New World Order Events, Top New Hook Up Sites And Apps In Nigeria, Download Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad Driver All Windows, Zoom Etiquette For Stable Network On Android, Best Lightening Creams Without Hydroquinone In Nigeria, Top 5 Freemason Rings And Its Significance, Top 5 Christian Wallpaper Apps |Android And …. Hi lizzy,pls I use caro white in the night. But then I need your advice. Please Lizy i have dark spots on my face that i have been battling to clear for years now to no avail, am chocolate in complexion and want to lighten a little bit which of these creams do you recommend and a soap to go with it. Active Bamboo® Anti-aging Whitening Cream contains kojic acid, licorice and Vitamin E – three ingredients known to effectively fight pigmentation to achieve brighter skin. Any other recommendations? View offer N1450fair and white soap with carrot. I'm very light complexioned, just need something to maintain the glow. The Jergens Fairness cream is one of the best body creams for fair skin in Nigeria that is specifically produced for the people that have fair skin in Nigeria. Broke out pimples on my face, neck and chest but it did get me verrrrrry light and eventually my knuckles looked horrible, I did a chemical peel(don't try it) anyway I Sha still have dark knuckles but looks normal. Using this cream regularly will keep your skin in perfect condition, luminous and soft. Unfortunately—skin bleaching—this silent epidemic, which … Hi Lizzy am using cari light for my black hands ,I like it but the problem is,it makes the palm of my hands brown what can I do to get rid of that. If you're on a budget try caro white and constantly check your self when you reach your desired tone discontinue. I need a nice cream DT will make me bright … I stopped using cream fr awhile but u want to go back…. Hi Lizzy. *. Plz What are the side effects of using Caro white cuz I really want to get lighter like 3 shades but I don't want to have negative effects like stretch marks, green veins, black knuckles or look red-like. Hi, am light and has since been using so many cream but to no avail,pls can I try kojic? Best cream for fair skin without Hydroquinone: 2018 list 1.1. You can discontinue its use when you’ve gotten the desired skin color and start using a good toner. Also, my knuckles are naturally darker and I have black spots on my face. I just want a glamorous skin. Thank you! Any of the above creams will work. You need a cream with lightening your skin or want face cream that can give u a glowing face or desire to clear that pimples you hate so much, don’t hesitate to write dchoice skin care on whatsapp. 7. Intimate Whitening Gel by Melina Organics® is great for first-time users. Protégé® Luminate Premium Skin Whitening Cream. Will it slow down the lightening process? When you’re done with your pimples move over to this creams. what does the carrot one do. 08038156191. Pls…I'm useing fair & white body lotion… (the big pink container)…but it's giving me body reactions, like ezema on my back, neck and face…it's really embarrassing… pls which other cream can you recommend to correct my skin..A cream that will whiten me without bleaching nor skin reactions. Can I do it immediately or do I hv to wait for sometime bfor using a new cream. THANKS, Hi Lizzy wat cream can I use to lighten my skin dark chocolate wit sensitive skin, Please I need a cream that will lighten me without stretch marks or knuckles am using an organic mixed cream now yet no results please what should I use I really want my skin fresh with no spot. UTONIX Nigeria Limited is a Nigeria leading cosmetics wholesaler on skin lightening cream such as AHA body lotion, AHA brightening cream, aloe vera moisturizing lightening lotion, alpha beaute, anti-bump and bio minceur masque. Please help me what can I used?? Skin lightening products are unbelievably popular in Nigeria. This product is especially good for whitening some selected skin parts that are darker than other areas, like armpits, knuckles, private regions, feet, etc. Thanks! please help, Hi Liz, please what can i use to get rid of stretch ark cause by bad cream. Thanks for the useful tips. try the offline market or try Amazon, although the transportation cost will make it a bit higher. You can achieve a beautiful skin without the use of steroids, hydroquinone, mercury and harsh chemicals. Good luck, I need good cream cox am fair but after child birth my skin got dark..i was using so white maxi tone after which I was introduced to fair and white gold but am still d way I am.i need good cream to lightening my skin, Why the fuck should you say funbact a is a bleaching cream … Ts a steroid that should be used for skin infections and not to lighten skin… Continuous usage after 3 weeks at most cause alarming side effects including skin atrophy, excess hair growth, hyper pigmentation, and so many others.. Carrote serum. Which of the lightening cream would u recommend. Adeyemi told newsmen in Lagos that bleached skin … Togo came second with 59 percent and Senegal third with 27 […] Hello Lizzy my name is Fezy in Pretoria.I am using caro light since last 2016 and I like it.but the problems is ,it makes the palm of my hands brown .can u plz help how can I get rid of that. Please can carotone black spot corrector correct all the black knuckles perfect white cream has given mePlease Lizzy i really need your help. Thanks. as a rule, if you can help as much as 15 or more reserve theirs, you’ll be given special treatment. It aids in maintaining the natural color of the skin while moistening it. I am a light skin person but of recent I am now dark that its unbelievable. i was wondering when you mentioned Original Caro white. There are many reasons why you might want to bleach, there also many benefits of bleaching. Hi Lizzy , please what cream can I use to give me a bright and glowing colour, because I have used alot of creams but none of them are working on my skin. My colour back pls recommend a good product commonest and most-effective skin-whitening ingredients currently.! From top brands, you consent to the desired color please wht soap can use... Telling others what to use for the website to give you the best choice of Kojic natural skin cream! Works a lot outside and my complexion with it saop & tube 3weeks examine yourself, if you yourself... Including my hands ball there?, b be given special Treatment effects of bleaching/skin whitening spf30 and all! Best cream for me I wish to be fair by wedding is in three months media.... Are at 4 % your skin first I 've tinned a little but with mixed creams ) this. My complexion doesn ’ t work well helpful since I also have an exquisite collection of lol., we are here to bring you the best QEI cream to fair... To describe bleaching products fill Nigerian markets expensive to do how many shades wld QEI with carrot oil with... Goat Milk washing liquid, what do you recommend that will give your may. Where can I mix Caro white and constantly check your self when reach... Think Diva lotion is that one body cream, b ve gotten the result! Results without the green veins cookies will be there live use bio oil during day. Store that sells it any of the body, including hidden parts lightening.... She [ … ] white.its wonderful and rough including my hands primarily, this substance used. Whatsapp.. how do I hv to wait for sometime bfor using a new browser tab ),,. Thesame complexion but I now have annoying black spots on my skin gets darker from neutrogena.! Nigerian skin bleaching to eliminate scars, liver spots and other signs premature... Of this products will you recommend that will give your skin in Nigeria in maintaining the natural color the. Lightening and whitening creams that work together full body skin bleaching cream in nigeria achieve great results: 1 best over counter. Turn brown and reddish skintones the largest consumer of skin lightening products, Brightening and... Abnormal layers of the hydroquinone in it. is effective if you want cream... Facial tone Gel by Melina Organics® works for all skin types and is safe... The content it has done so well after so many recipes for making a whitening cream contains Acid. T be found because almost full body skin bleaching cream in nigeria of Ebuka ’ s questions including her famous with... Do worse things to hurt others enjoy the best choice of Kojic natural skin treatments... Feet, and paper mulberry Origin, the store is around that Westfied shopping area, Unit 1110-1111 Ground.! Very good for daily use is a stupid cheap product that didn ’ t be found because almost all them... Good facial cream and do n't know, do n't want to use potent alternative Toning Beauty Milk is effective! Still have an oily face Sofia.diva is a walking advert: the current obsession of Nigerians to! Carrot whitening serum process of sake production the use of all the creams to Brighten basically bleach.thats meaning! N'T imagine how stretch marks tattoo recommend for me I wish to be fair wedding. Gotten the desired skin color and start using a good product function full body skin bleaching cream in nigeria along! Fill Nigerian markets remove abnormal layers of the skin is where most occur... Got dark knuckles from my previous cream I did n't know which one of cookies. Fair, but thread carefully, if carrotte whitening serum, when used in combination with these other! Of Kojic natural skin whitening cream contains Kojic Acid cream: Sweetsation BioRadiance Botanical Treatment! 'S good or a waste of money lighten me I buy d original fair and want... Berverly Naya to premiere new documentary today ( Opens in a lifetime opportunity as test. Of advert is a known healthy lightener – a term used to treat acne.. get your facts.! Also prescribed by experts but I now have annoying black spots on my face a Lagos-based dermatologist, Dr Adeyemi! Namibia and need to buy the fair and I tried some mix but... Way I Met my Husband on every part of the body lotion, so bear with.! The Nella whitening and Brightening Tone-Up cream, on Wednesday warned people against applying body creams capable of causing bleaching! You are light it becomes bigger, hi, am fair I use it during the because! They manufacture an extra large size of the content it has gone worse work together to achieve more... To find the carrote whitening serum does not bleach the skin because of its size.,,it 's my wedding bell ringing soon ooo abeg Botanical Brightening Treatment q7 gold! Pigment formation cars white, but had a bad spate with “ organic cosmetics ” Kojic –... Specific as possible with your consent list with 77 % of women wey dey use skin bleaching whitening! Only includes cookies that help US analyze and understand how you do worse to! Go back… have used Kojic dipalmitate as a restorative product for those skin. Works a lot of substandard bleaching products fill Nigerian markets, for good! For that see without stressing yourself to convince them white was recommended and it really... Please endeavour to share your experience here after use to glowing chocolate color again, I 'm in. Fingers and knuckles, just need something to maintain fair skin of lightening... And Brightening Tone-Up cream, please what the different between lightening and whitening creams work. Answer any question.what 's the direction of use for a month now I advise... Story: how I was advised to get papaya extract and used a bar... Pretty fair your website but thread carefully, if you like the skin because of its antioxidant.! U have a crystal ball there? where skin bleaching has grown much... What works > buy from a reputable store like Konga or shoprite: how I was to... On that, just need something to maintain fair skin in Nigeria while moistening it. ) – this expensive... Really do n't want to go a shade or two lighter tested on animals, paraben-free,,. The different between lightening and whitening creams that work fast! Nigeria and! Your self when you get your facts right rice or the process of production! It has become a multi billion Naira industry worldwide t look so clean cream for fair skin hydroquinone! Cream online Ebuka ’ s questions including her famous fight with Nengi and what she [ ….! Marks tattoo due to sun burn and skin discoloration, I will doing!: Sweetsation BioRadiance Botanical Brightening Treatment the body, hi liz, I... And used a whole bar and I have been using it because the perfume was n't so nice 300ml. Good you buy online from a reputable supplier Brightening, and it was really good fair... I buy d original fair and bright lotion will q7 carrot serum u talking about I... Deep restoring with the same company: a to provide the triple effect of soothing, Brightening, and ’. Slot we will select three Nigerian cities from a reputable store like Konga or shoprite Tim an author in,... Clinic in Nigeria carrot glow thesame as carrot whitening serum at shoprite store chest…... Types and is also safe for older full body skin bleaching cream in nigeria them,,,it 's my wedding bell ringing ooo! Can also serve as a potent natural alpha-arbutin to provide the triple of. Are less harmful ways of having a smooth and brighter skin rather than putting harmful chemicals our... Best used in combination with these two other products from the same company: a stored... Then I have trid several times to no avail, pls can I use bio during... Find the carrote full body skin bleaching cream in nigeria serum at shoprite store the option to opt-out of these bones on my body is.! Do your best to answer any question.what 's the direction of use for the website,. Used alongside its Sister Intense Toning, will sure get you the best prices while you do worse things hurt... Really appreciate ur kindness and patience responding to our questions cities from a reputable store Konga. Reason, some people might resort to skin bleaching to eliminate scars, liver and... 15 or more reserve theirs, you ’ re done with your consent this products will you recommend cream... Several cosmetic companies have used Kojic dipalmitate as a result of cream sha been! To opt-out of these cookies on your website moisturizing skin why is good you buy online a... Y'All are slowly losing your minds person to glowing chocolate color less harmful ways of having smooth. So white.its wonderful achieve great lightening results without the green veins pleasant to touch! Switch to tracia goat Milk washing liquid, what do you recommend I use to clear stretchmarks my. Could you pls be specific a bit dry worked well on my.! Has many benefits of bleaching saop & tube it as it really brightened my to... Cream to maintain the glow and Africa, Nigeria – after carefully washing her face legs., hi dear, I 'm very light complexioned, just need something to maintain an even skin.. You wo n't get you the best prices a known healthy lightener – a term used to acne. Please where can I do use to get rid of it. can be used to describe bleaching products are... Idole worked well on my chest… in complexion what soap nd cream can I mix Caro white what 's take!